Monday, 2 February 2015

News Round-Up

Weird and amazing things are happening every day in science. Click here for the top science stories in last week's DKSJ on Scroll down for a recap of last week's top stories in life science.

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Surviving Under An Electron Microscope

Japanese scientists have developed a special skin to allow living creatures to survive the vacuum conditions of an electron microscope. Electron microscopes have allowed researchers to see DNA and viruses up close, but the drawback has been that a vacuum was required, which meant only dead organisms or cells could be viewed. This NanoSkin development could allow living processes to be seen as they happen for the first time. Read more on Wired.

Farming Future May Rely on GM Food

As the world population grows, living space increases while farmland declines. Eventually, humanity will have to feed more with less. Genetically Modified (GM) foods are an obvious solution to this problem but face fierce opposition from the public, who remain largely unaware of the benefits and false claims made by vocal naturalist lobbying groups. Read more on The Guardian.

Punishment Works Differently For Psychopaths

A new study has shown how those suffering from psychopathy are affected by punishment. Instead of being less bothered than a "normal" person in situations where punishment followed their choices, brain scans revealed they were more bothered by it, suggesting they don't understand the purpose or punishment. Read more on IFLScience and Live Science.

Technology Might Affect Child Brian Development

A smartphone or tablet is an effective way to distract a child on long car rides, but scientists are speculating that these technologies are negatively affecting the social and emotional development of the brain. Read more on The Guardian.




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