Thursday, 5 February 2015

Interesting if true...

Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? If so, then you might be part of a more sexually promiscuous subpopulation of humanity. A new study published in Biology Letters of the Royal Society suggests that people with ring fingers longer than their index fingers are less likely to be faithful in relationships than those whose fingers are of equal length.

[caption id="attachment_261" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Fingers straight, you'll be great - Fingers uneven, relationship grievin' Is your ring finger a giveaway of your true nature in a relationship? Image credit: Paul Collins, CC2.0[/caption]

Stray vs Stay

Researchers surveyed male and female participants on their proclivity towards sex and their "preferred mating strategy" - separating those who are more likely to "stray" from those more likely to "stay". Typically, it is the males of a species who fall into the "stray" group, but humans appear to have distinct subpopulations in both genders with approximately half of males and females falling into either group.

Rule of thumb

The researchers then looked at a separate survey involving finger length. The ratio in size of the 2nd digit (2D - index finger) and the 4th digit (4D - ring finger) typically ranged from being equal to having a longer ring finger. This 2D:4D ratio was plotted on a graph and statistically the groups of men and women with longer ring fingers matched up with the numbers of those who were more likely to stray.

The researchers state that exposure to the hormone testosterone is involved in shaping our finger length as we develop in the womb, as well as affecting brain chemistry. They suggest that finger length may a good identifier of those more likely to stay or stray in a relationship.

Interesting if true...

The study falls painfully short as it doesn't actually measure the fingers of those who reported themselves as promiscuous in an online survey, but the statistical correlation (by no means causation) makes for a nice Daily Mail article and is of course interesting if true.

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