Friday, 30 January 2015

Defending the Dissertation

Today a dissertation was defended, and my respectable opponent recommended a pass with distinction for my PhD. Soon I'll officially become a doctor.

I would not be here if it weren't for my colleagues at the University of Helsinki's Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, the co-authors of my publications - Elias Dahlsten, Zhen Zhang, and Eveliina Palonen - to whom I owe many thanks, and my many friends who have kept me sane over the long years where I was chained to my work.

My most sincere thanks and appreciation go to my supervisors, Professors Miia Lindström and Hannu Korkeala, thesis reviewers Professors John Austin and Simon Cutting, and finally my respectable opponent, Professor Adriano Henriques, who flew all the way from Lisbon in sunny Portugal to snowy Helsinki for my public dissertation examination.

It's been a wild ride. It's all over but the karonkka.


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  1. Nice thesis! Congratulations and best wishes!
    I will have to check out your blog.